"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is who you really are, while your reputation is merely who others think you are."


We have been raising Australian Shepherds since 1994, when we purchased a young male, pet quality Aussie. We carefully planned and thought we had done all of our homework on the breed. This dog was to be part of our family and he would be used to help chase geese off of some local public properties where droppings had become a problem. This dog did not work out as our pet due to temperament problems and our town found that they did not want to be liable for this dog on public property. We decided to learn a great deal more about the breed before purchasing another dog. It became clear that this was the right breed for us but even more clear that not all Aussies had the correct temperament to be a family pet. We found the right breeders to deal with and we are now hooked on the beauty, brains and athletic ability of the Australian Shepherd.

Currently we show our dogs in both ASCA and AKC conformation rings but our future plans include Agility and Obedience. Knowing now what we did not know in 1994, we are careful about where we get our dogs, who we breed our dogs to and even more thorough about placing them in the correct homes. We take pride in raising healthy Aussies with wonderful temperaments, brains and correct conformation that helps us do well in the show ring.


Sandra & James Landry
Medway, Massachusetts


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